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ITS AVAILABLE: The Klondike Gold Rush Steamers:
A History of Yukon River Steam Navigation

Dear Friends,
Many of you asked that I let you know when my next book was released and I’m pleased to say that The Klondike Gold Rush Steamers, A History of Yukon River Steam Navigation is just out. My 18th book, which is hard to imagine.

This was a fascinating project to work on, and one that I’ve been collecting material for over many years. It includes the story as it relates to Alaska, the Yukon and Northwestern British Columbia and begins in the 1860s, carries on through the early years of traders, prospectors and trappers to the frenzied years of the Klondike Gold Rush and the building of the White Pass & Yukon railway. By that time steamer services were well established and the White Pass and later the Alaska Railroad became the primary operators in that entire vast region. As a result this is also part of the history of those rail operations. There is a lot of human interest material too, including stories of crew members, travellers, prospectors and adventurers and residents of the region.

The 354-page book features about 600 diverse photos and has an extensive text. It is available in hardcover, is 11 x 9 inches (landscape format) in size and includes extensive references and a detailed index (by Audrey McClellan). Two large colour sections have early colour photos going back to the 1940s. I was really delighted to find this material and to be able to include it.

It is available at bookshops, museum gift shops, hobby shops and direct from Harbour Publishing. The link to the Harbour Publishing website is below and it will take you directly to the book description and ordering information. f

I hope you enjoy the reading the book as much as I have researching it, writing it and bringing it to publication.

Harbour Publishing